Epsom Blue 13 – 8 Epsom Mango

Saturday 30th September 2017

Match Report by Mat Paull

Whilst the sun, as it always has, rose in the east, and, set in the west, on Saturday the

thirtieth of September in the year two thousand and seventeen, those associated with

Epsom Lacrosse club knew this was no ordinary day.

An air of anticipation, neigh, expectation, was palpable when arriving at the club as the

season, once again, was to begin.

Unfortunately, for the second team, the

‘Epsom Bay Packers’, their game was not to

be as Blues 2 were unable to field a side.

Captain ‘hot’ Rhod, knowing a mighty

challenge lay ahead of him and his men in

East 3, organised an intra-team scrimmage,

including a few brave souls from Blues 2 who

made the trip regardless.

Despite this being an intra-team fixture

(Epsom Blue against Epsom Mango), you

could truly sense from the stern faces in the

line-up, no quarter would be asked, or given,

as, iron sharpens iron, so each member of

the ‘Packers’ would look to force each other

to improve.

The opening goal came from Doug Lee, usually distributing checks with surgical precision in

defence, today, decided to show his spectrum of ability by taking a short stick, and, on

receiving a feed from ‘Bob’ Melder, finished with a composure that many a first team

attackman would envy.

Doug and Bob threatened to take over the game, with Doug scoring a second from Bob

again, then returning the favour, as Bob tucked the third away for the Blues.

The fourth goal again went the way of Blue, but this time, ‘the’ King, known for his

dynamism and boundless enthusiasm, was on the end of Bob’s feed and stuck away a great

finish – Epsom hoping they see more of that all season from the former Kingston stalwart.


With four unanswered goals, ‘hot’ Rhod knew it was to him to lead by example for the

Mango’s, and, picking up the ball in his own half, paraded down field, with an unexpected

grace and elegance, fired a shot towards goal.

So the score is now four goals to one I hear you ask..., well, that shot from Rhod would have

beaten most men, but, today, in goal, was, the, Jamie Morris, normally renowned for

injuring easily and falling down stairs, this was his time.

Unfortunately Jamie’s dominance in goal lasted all of one save as on the next attack, Blues

2’s Conor Newton barrelled his was through all and sundry to put a shot on cage which,

even Jamie could not stop such was the power and accuracy, Mango on the board.

Mango then struck twice more through the efforts of Jack Bristow, and, a masterful solo

effort from Rob Nichol, making it four three to the Epsom Blues, but, Mango now in

touching distance.

This spree of goal scoring excellence from the Mango contingent spurred the Blues in to life

with three great goals. First, a fine outside shot from ‘Bob’, and then, almost immediately

after, making his debut, Dave Hunt, making a mockery of the oncoming Mango defenders,

slotted away nicely.

The third goal from Eddie was potentially the most pleasing of the day, after working hard in

training on off ball movement, Eddie made a great cut to receive a pass in motion and give

Sammy Rowlands in nets no chance.

Orange, not to be outdone, entrusted Conor Newton again to force his way to cage and beat

Jamie, who continued to show promise in goal both in terms of ability, and, willingness to

engage the sideline to entertain.

From here, your intrepid reporter had to head in to change to warm up for the EG game,

however, given the nature of the contest, I have discerned from the spectators tales, that

I’m sure will immortalise this fixture, and Danny Buckland kindly took some notes, what

ensued through the rest of the game.

Another goal from ‘Bob’ for the Blues, a Jack Bristow feed to Conor for Mango, another

Conor goal for Mango, then a goal from ‘Bob’ got us to 9-6 Blue (may or may not have

missed a couple here!).

Then, we had, what Kingston University when asked have already declined to comment on,

an instance where two former students, Rob and King, decided to set up for the face,

however, both facing towards their own ends – much amusement was had by all.

Goals from James and ‘Bob’ for Blue, Jack and Connor for Mango, then a very well worked

goal from Caolan for Blue, an Epsom junior product, which is fantastic to see, wrapped up

the scoring.


Or did it...

In fact, there was one more score, for the ages, Jamie Morris, on saving another fearsome

shot from the Mango side, decided, there was only one man to spearhead the last attack,

and that was, of course...himself.

Jamie advanced down the pitch with a pace that surprised all that knew him, and, even,

those that didn’t.

As he passed the half way line, still, without injury, and, as selfless as he is handsome,

distributed the ball to Doug, who finished, immediately meeting the eye of Jamie with an

unspoken admiration for what he had just seen transpire.

The Blues came away with a well-deserved victory but all not only enjoyed the day but

undoubtedly improved – great to see such strong numbers in the second team and support

on the sidelines.